5 Reasons why Linen should be the fabric of choice during summers?

5 Reasons why Linen should be the fabric of choice during summers?

Although Linen is known to be the fabric of all seasons, it is especially great during the summer months when the temperature soars. The strength and breathability of the fabric are what make it the fabric of choice during the summer months. It is cool, comfortable, and gives an elegant look. Linen is a great choice because of its long life and cool colors. Here are a few reasons that speak for Linen.


Linen is a plant-based natural fiber obtained from the Flax plant. The flax plant is very easy to grow and does not even require a lot of water to grow. This makes farming Linen accessible, affordable, and sustainable. It decomposes pretty well and becomes part of the soil within a few weeks after it is buried.

Longevity and Strength

Linen is more durable and stronger than cotton fabric. It would give Khaki a tough run for its money where outdoors and sophistication are both required.


Research has shown that Linen can absorb up to one-fifth of its dry weight in moisture and still does not feel wet at all. It is an excellent absorbent and highly breathable in comparison to cotton. Linen fibers are hollow, which is why they are so breathable. It also dries faster and hence, is suitable to be worn in hot weather.

Hypo allergic

Because linen is so breathable and allows air to easily circulate, the building up of bacteria does not stand a chance. Also, it might come as a surprise to you, but linen is naturally anti-bacterial. This fabric is a boon to those who are allergic because, the fabric would keep different kinds of fungi, bacteria, and germs at bay from you.

Heat conductivity and Heat Reflexivity

Linen is a great conductor of heat which is why it will easily allow the body heat to flow outside and make you feel cooler. It also reflects heat.

These are in addition to the obvious reason such as being lightweight and the ability to enhance color which makes Linen a great choice. Get yourself Linen shirts and suits for this summer and we are sure you would not regret it. If you wish to add something to this discussion, feel free to add it in the comment section.