Ethnic Blue

Ethnic Blue is a French brand known for its casual yet sharp and stylish menswear. Since its establishment in 1994, Ethnic Blue has specialized in men’s polo shirts, creating innovative and inspiring collections in Paris. The brand’s originality lies in its capacity for creation, particularly in terms of style, color combinations, and the development of new high-quality original knits.

The product you’re interested in, the long-sleeved mango polo with denim collar, is a perfect example of Ethnic Blue’s commitment to quality and style. This polo shirt combines the comfort of long sleeves with the distinctive touch of a denim collar, making it a versatile piece for various occasions. Whether you’re looking for a casual look or something to wear on a night out, this polo shirt offers a stylish and discreet look that’s characteristic of the Ethnic Blue brand.

Ethnic Blue’s offers a range of options, including plain and striped polo shirts with short or long sleeves, sweatshirts, shirts, zippers, and cardigans.Visit our store on York Street to explore the latest collection from Ethnic Blue.

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