Casual style for men – nail it to boost confidence

Casual style for men – nail it to boost confidence

Men’s casual dress code is probably the strongest opportunity to express their true sense of personal style. Casual style for men should be neat, conventional but relatively informal in style. Smart casuals are a step up from a tracksuit but not quite a suit. It is all about smart dressing but comfort is the key. Dress up in what feels most comfortable to you.

Denim or jeans are synonymous with casual dressing. Other clothing like sweaters, t-shirts, sneakers, etc. can add to define your mood for causals. Dress up to have fun and make yourself happy. Mix and match with textures and fabric for that extra comfort. At the same time, layering will enhance the glamour quotient. Remember to exclude flip-flops, gym clothes, stained or ripped clothes, and graphic shirts with offensive remarks from the wardrobe of your casual dressings.

We understand that decoding all of the style nuances can be difficult, which is why we’ve broken down some of the most common men’s casual dressing tips.

Must have black

Black-colored clothing is a must-have in any wardrobe for that defined and sleek look. For casual dressing, remember not to go all black instead combine it with a vibrant color either top or bottom.

Travel attire

If you are traveling for a holiday then a printed shirt will go well with all types of shorts.

Casual accessories

A good-looking watch is a must as it represents your style. For summers, a pair of good sunglasses is worth investing in. If you like wearing jewelry, try to keep it minimal. For winters, wrapping a scarf around your neck is a good go.


Denim is evergreen clothing. They become better as they grow old. Hence, pair them with a shirt or t-shirt along with a jacket. Check out this amazing denim collection from one of the most loved denim brands. 


Your shoe collection should include sneakers, sandals, and loafers to wear them depending on your mood.

Casuals for fall

Men prefer clothes in monochromatic shades especially white. Pair a white V-neck t-shirt with jeans to look perfect for the fall season. Add a touch of plaid or flannel as layers to boost your attitude.

Must have casual tops

Invest in some tops of different colors for your wardrobe.

    • Beanies and T-shirt – For winters, wear a dark coloured beany with your usual jeans. T-shirts in an array of shades are also essential in the summer.
    • Collared shirts – They are the trendiest shirts you could wear daily. For a little formal look, collared shirts are the best options available.
    • Polo shirt with chino shorts – Wear polo shirts with Bermuda shorts for that sharp look. This combination cannot go wrong in any kind of weather. Open sandals will increase the comfort quotient along with style.

Casual essentials

Below are some casual essentials that can be mixed and matched to create magic:

    • Blue jeans
    • Chinos/ trousers
    • Hoodie
    • Polo neck t-shirts in various colors
    • Tees in black and white color
    • A Couple of shorts
    • Sneakers
    • A multi-purpose blazer

We are always here to guide you with the ways in which you can be the best versions of you without comprmising on comfort.