Evergreen Winter Jacket styles for men

Evergreen Winter Jacket styles for men

In the midst of winters with chilly and freezy wind touching the skin, we all trip to find that perfect jacket to stay warm without sacrificing on style. Most men are puzzled in terms of their jacket selection because of so many different winter jacket styles being available in the market. It is a little tricky to understand which type of jacket is going to work well on what occasion. This is the perfect time to do an extensive wardrobe revamp.

Here is a detailed guide about the winter jacket styles you can invest in, to ace your look yet not losing style.

The Topcoat

The Topcoat is a winter classic that is suave and sleek in its appeal. It is a light-weight version of an overcoat that usually ends just above knee level. To give a cozy and warm feel, this jacket is made of wool or wool blends.

It is a perfect layering companion, stitched in single-breasted blazer or a shawl collar. These can be layered in stylish color permutations with contrasting splits. Men can pair them with a polo shirt and a pair of trousers. Neutral colored topcoat like beige and black works well with the most vibrant hues.

The Peacoat

A Peacoat is a heavy wool double-breasted and one of the most classy winter jacket styles that has a lot of buttons in front. This winter staple has stood the test of time as it was originally worn by European navy sailors. Since then, for that sharp and radiant elegance, a peacoat is the solution.  It emits traditional and sophisticated appeal. Without much effort, you can style a neat and polished look.

These coats are usually heavier kind of winter jacket, lending the wearer an organized profile. Futhermore, layer a turtleneck sweater and chinos underneath a pea coat for that semi-casual look along with a pair of shoes or boots.

The Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are a baseball-styled jacket conventionally worn by high school or college students. They are sometimes personalized with a number or an alphabet to express their school or university spirit. They offer good protection from harsh cold weather without being smothering on you.  The varsity jacket has evolved itself as a staple winter jacket in millennial culture. Layer your varsity jacket with a pair of pieces of denim and exude back-to-school vibes. Add a baseball cap for that funky look.

The Bomber Jacket

As the name denotes, the bomber jackets were first invented in the 1940s by military pilots during World War I and II, to keep them warm and weather-proof.  It’s a piece of outerwear that finds its place in every wardrobe. These jackets usually come with ribbed cuffs and hem, a zip in the front and a defined neckline. One can choose to keep the zip open if it’s too tight.

Men should opt for crisp bomber jackets in tan, black or darker shades for that sleek and minimal look. It is the type of winter jacket style which is found in almost every wardrobe.

The Down Jacket

A Down jacket is the perfect outerwear companion on a cold winter day when you are out skiing on a mountain. These jackets are supreme style statement wear that is insulated with soft and warm feathers from duck or geese. It traps warm air and retains heat thus keeping the wearer warm in these cold weather conditions. Do not forget to check out this exquisite collection of coats and jackets tailor-made for men for winters. 

Get ready for any cold climate with style. Layer and choose the right jacket that suits your fashion sensibilities. We are always here to help you choose the best styles for all year long.