How to wear Chinos – an in-depth guide

How to wear Chinos – an in-depth guide

We all love our good old denim. Don’t we? But what if we would want to wear something different. Something like denim that is casual enough and does not look too formal. This is why today’s blog talks about a piece of clothing, a pair of chino pants that have been in the existence for about 150 years and is yet so less talked about.

The word ‘Chinos’ is derived from the Spanish name for China and actually stands for a cotton twill fabric. But you’ll say that’s khaki right? 100 percent cotton pants are khaki pants. Then what are Chinos?

Chino are an extremely versatile pair of trousers that look extremely chic and classy. They are a staple in every man’s wardrobe and are preferred for their toned-down feel and cheap cost besides being a hundred percent cotton. Dress them up with your blazer and a tie or dress it down with your casual t-shirt. You can build so many of your outfits around a good pair of chinos. They can be worn on an everyday basis as they are extremely comfortable. They are light and thus well suitable.

Chinos vs Khakis

Khakis are 100 percent cotton pants just like Chinos but they usually come in a shade of green, inspired by the military. Chinos can be any color from beige to white to brown or blue. That said, all khakis are chinos but all chino pants are not khakis. Of course, there are a number of ways in which you can style your chino pants. There are no rules however. Experiment all that you want to with your favorite pair of chinos.

Wear them around the year

You can wear your chino pants all around the year and you would love them. Pair them with a casual tee and some loafers and a simple toned down casual day-time look is ready. Pairing Chinos with a white t-shirt is the best combination ever.

chino pants

Learn smart pairing

For a more formal look, remember to pair them with the right type of shirt to give it that formal vibe. Since Chinos are cotton pants, wearing linen shirts with them seems like a smart thing to do.

Experiment with the colors

The best thing about chinos is you can pair them with whichever colored tee you like. You can add a different colored shirt for the same chinos pants every time you step out of the house. Always remember to have perfectly ironed pants because pleated or messy pants would never look good.

Chinos are a great alternative to jeans. They are more relaxed and look smarter too! Do not hesitate to wear them to your place of work, if there is no strict dress code at your office. They are the most comfortable pair of trousers and you would love them irrespective of your taste in fashion.