Made to Measure

We offer world-class professionals who would make a perfectly fitting custom piece for you. Our processes are a result of our rich experience in made to measure arena and have learned from years of hands-on experience.
We offer the following under our made to measure scheme:-


We offer an extensive range of cloth sourced from around the world from the best manufacturers. Available in extensive hues, shades and prints, our custom shirts will delight you.

Our commitment to providing quality craftsmanship and prompt
customer service have granted us the privilege of producing custom
crafted shirts for several leading menswear retailers.


The most important reason for getting a pair of trousers stitched is the level of comfort is unmatched.


Jeans could be very uncomfortable due to the nature of their cloth, especially if the fit is wrong. We fix that for you.

The Modern Gentleman understands that the quality of his jeans is as important as that of his other attire purchases.