Be stylish, Be classy without being cheap

Style may not be cheap but learning how to be stylish isn’t expensive either. Style comes from identifying, understanding, isolating and executing the fundamentals from noise that new entrants try to shove into your face day in and day out. It is not to say that the new brands are not worthy of your attention. It is just that, in the race super-charged with the will to create a unique identity in the current high-on-social-meadia world, the new ones create so much content that it sometimes becomes hard to discern the crass with the classics.

Style doesn’t have to be definitive, but what is definitive is the solid foundations on which all the style is built. The new may stretch the normal but will age depending on how well it has built on those founding fundamentals. And the rock solid foundations seldom not work or do not show through. They look and feel dependent and comforting.

We are listing a few points that are not really rules but could be really helpful if you are want to avoid some fashion pitfalls.

A Classic Suit

Nothing beats a dark shade – Greys, Blues (even Brown if you want to break the shackles) are always-safe colours. If you are in doubt, go for a shade darker. A regular fitting single breast suit is a safest choice that you can make. Lesser the pattern, the better it is. If it doesn’t excite you, at least it will not waste your money and you will find more reasons to wear it than anything else.


The same rules apply for the shirts. If you are not looking to make a mistake, go for blues or whites, but solids. Second will be pin-stripes, and checks – slimmer patterns the better. Unusual (read crazy) patterns work only in Hawaii, if they do. Avoid them even if you have read that email from the HR that they are relaxing the Friday dressing rules further.


Shoes might not intimidate you as much as suits or shirts do – maybe because you believe people do not perceive you because they don’t see your shoes but the reality is shoes make or break the mighty suits. Just think what would happen if you by chance wear your sneakers under you dinner suit. Do you feel the sweat break? There is a major problem if it does not, because whether you like it or not, shoes are as important that fancy watch of yours if not probably more. Make sure you shoes are well polished and are a good quality leather. A high quality genuine pair of leather shoes would give you the sway nothing else can.

Other important points to take care of:-

Cleanliness – Nothing can remove the odour from a body like a good shower. Get into a habit of taking shower daily and scrubbing yourself well. Use a good quality shower gel and give your body some time under water. Human skin is made to welcome water and you should let yours have fun. Comb your hair and make sure the nails are trimmed. These thing do not take a lot of time once you are used to them.

Accessories – You don’t have to spend a fortune on accessories. A simple watch and a pair of toned down shades are more than enough to help your dressed up self.

We hope the above pointers are of help to you. In case you have queries or want to have further discussion on any point, feel free to give us a call.

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