Great watches and style go perfectly together

Great watches and style go perfectly together

Corniche is one brand that you must certainly check out if you love great watches. We love watches. They are a piece of fashion that is somewhere between a piece of jewellery and an accessory. And watches could be very versatile in terms of how they could be designed to look. You could expect to find as many types of designs in watches as you do in case of clothes.

Although watches have a long history, with the oldest ones getting traced to the 15th century, the current avatar has been around a century old. The initial versions of the current wristwatch was worn by the officers of the British Army in their military campaigns starting late 19th century. This was the same time when some Swiss watchmakes started producing watches. Rolex was setup around 1905 in London. These first watches had mechanical system. In another roughly 50 years, Quartz and Electric watches were born but Quartz watches took the whole world by storm and were on the wrist of almost everyone. Smartwatches were introduced less than a decade back and were loved for the range of operations that they can do in addition to the timekeeping.

Today, watches are probably more of a fashion statement than utility. With the advent of mobile phones the dependancy on a watch for checking time is no more. Thus, keeping and wearing a non-smartwatch (a smartwatch attempts to eliminate the need of a phone) serves more of an accessory purpose than anything else.

Corniche is a brand that was developed by its French owners who say

our mission is simple. To help people look great keeping track of their most precious possession: their time.

As per the brand’s words, Corniche roughly means a cliff road and their brand and its beauty is a reflection of their home in Côte d’Azur facing the mountains that abutt the Mediterranean.

Launched in 2013, Corniche now produces sixteen models of great looking watches and often launches limited editons. They claim to have customers all around the world. They make watches for both men and women. One of their most popular collection – Heritage, comes fitted with a sapphire crystal, engraved caseback, folding clasp, ceramic dial and a stunning piano lacquered presentation box. Under the hood these watches are based on Seiko’s VK64 hybrid chronograph.

If you are a kind of person who appreciates class and grace, drop in our store and check out the stunning design of a great watch.