Bold fashion designs by Soxy

Bold fashion designs by Soxy

Soxy is a young albeit fashionable, modern and bold fashion brand that was launched in 2014 by two brothers. They design socks – for men – in bright and bold colours and patterns.

As per the brand,

Our product line is a direct reflection of those who wear them; a celebration of individuality and uniqueness, acceptance and diversity, pioneering and progress.

Although the brand produces Shoes, Laces and Belts as well, but their mainstay has been the socks. Available under different style categories such as Wild, Bold, Theme, Classic; Soxy makes socks that are for people who do are open to bold fashion experiments.

The brand claims to be ethical and works with ethical partners, around the world, who value quality and attention to detail above anything else.

If you are someone who likes bright colours but are not too sure how to keep their love for the bold alive, drop in our store.