Fradi – Bringing fashion and style together

Fradi – Bringing fashion and style together

Fradi is an authentic Italian brand that is designed and developed in Italy by two Italian brothers from Martina Franca, Apulia, Italy. Choosing something from a lot of available fashionable options could be a matter of personal choice. More often than not, our personal choices are governed by our sensitivity to external perception. It could sometimes be tough to make the fashion go along with the style that you like. Thankfully, trying to handle fashion with the style is not an elusive state but an achievable one if you have clarity of thought and a keen sense of observation. Finding a brand that fulfills the demand of fashion along with your sense of style is important too.

Fradi defines their philosophy for the brand as the following:-

The company’s main goal is to stand out in a fashion man who points to quality at a competitive price. Each product is entirely made in Italy.

Fradi produces fashionable clothing exclusively for men. Their clothing line includes Men’s Suits, Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Trousers and Jeans. They produce shoes for men as well.

ShirtsFradi designs a range of formal and casual shirts and t-shirts for men in various fabrics. From linen to cotton, including the stretchable fabrics, they design stylish shirts that appeal to those looking for a youthful exuberance in their clothing.

JacketsFradi designs great suits and jackets that effortlessly carry fashion with the style that you are looking for. From genuine leather jackets and 100% woollen jackets to jackets made with fabric keeping the warmer climes in mind, you would find a large range of jackets and suits that would appeal to you.

Jeans – Some of the best pieces designed by Fradi and appreciated well by its customers are jeans. Produced in classic colours and made with comfortable clothing, the relaxed yet stylish cuts make them quite fashionable choices.

SweatersFradi designs some originally designed chic sweaters for the stylish man. These sweaters are classic while being trendy at the same time. Knit with an interesting mix of silk and wool, these sweaters are made for that special cosmopolitan look.

If any of the above fashion statements excite you, feel free to drop in and check out the authentic Italian workmanship and quality.