Alex Ingh – bold yet classical and great shirts

Alex Ingh – bold yet classical and great shirts

Alex Ingh is an Italian fashion shirt brand which makes wonderful, hard-hitting products for both men and women. Some people say that the clothing reflects not just your personality but also your mood and the frame of mind that you are in. Something your clothing will alter your mood and take you into a different zone. Whatever said and done, clothing definitely makes an impact on the personality of the wearer.

Alex Ingh is the brainchild of Alessandra Inghirami who has around 30 years of work experience working for her legendary family business house – Inghirami. She launched Alex Ingh as a shirts brand that is 100% made in Italy. They bring forward the

high range, innovative tailoring with the finest Italian fabrics, original Liberty printings with exclusive details, appealing to a younger audience with a sense of classical and traditional themes

The designs produced by Alex Ingh are patterned, bold, colourful and a wee bit quirky. The shirts made by Alex Ingh are built with lightweight fabrics and white textures, from Muslin to Popeline. The travel range made by them is 100% cotton that doesn’t require ironing, yet are versatile and travel-friendly.

There are other theme based shirting lines produced by them, such as:-

The Elegant – It is a classic theme of shirts, that are reworked in the department of collars and overall fit.

The Free Time – This casual theme carries coloured linen shirts and have shades of blue, pink, yellow, green in the latest fashion.

The Denim Theme – This theme has multiple personalities – from being made in Chambray to elastic Popeline to 100% pure indigo linen treated with multiple sartorial processings.

The Original Liberty Printings – This theme is unique, in a way that it is made with cotton muslin and gets softer after every wash.

The Jersey Theme – This theme has lightweight fabrics mixed with melange, microprinting and jacquard.