Leather Jackets by Bano eeMee

Leather Jackets by Bano eeMee

Bano eeMee is a Toronto based Canadian company that makes leather jackets and prides itself in being fair and socially conscious. They claim to provide a fair price to 3 artisans working on each piece for 2 days. This gives a great positive vibe to any brand.

Leather Jackets

We at Richard’s Clothing carry selected pieces from the Bano eeMee brand that represent the nerve of the evergreen fashion and have timeless cuts and designs.

Made from 100% veg tanned supple lamb leather hard manual burnishing work is put in by hand to highlight the natural grain of the leather. The jacket is constructed with all-year-round wearability in mind. The polyester mesh lining helps in keeping the jacket breathable and light. Different jacket designs carry ribbed accents at spots including belts, shoulders, elbows for enhanced comfort.

Drop into our store at York Street and check out the chic Bano eeMee leather jackets for yourself.