Luxury clothing by Patrick Assaraf

Luxury clothing by Patrick Assaraf

Patrick Assaraf is a designer who likes to create designs that translate into luxury. Right from the cuts and stitches to the fabric and materials used by Patrick Assaraf in the fashion line, every bit of their designs speak volumes about the designer’s attitude. So if you are looking for a piece of luxury clothing, rest assured that Patrick Assaraf would have something can offer that you would like.

Patrick Assaraf boasts of almost 30 years of experience in men’s fashion. They use high-end Peruvian cotton, and choicest of fabrics to construct clothing that would appeal to those with a taste for high-end luxury clothing. In their words, they are

inspired by the European elegance and tailoring of Italian menswear

and offer the customers with

effortless basics, with elegance, simplicity and affordability

The choice of color palette is also driven by the sense of luxury that they want their designs to reflect. Their clothing range is comfortable to wear which still being stylish.

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