Luxury leather men’s wallets by Ettinger of UK

Luxury leather men’s wallets by Ettinger of UK

Ettinger means luxury. Of all the accessories that are used by men, one of the most invisible is the wallet. Yet the men’s wallets don’t change with every suit and still manages to provide a certain level of confidence. The confidence could be a result of the wallet being traditional financial storage, but it still is a piece of accessory that has much more functional importance that an apparel-based importance.

Leather men’s wallets and bags by Ettinger

The company was found by Gerry Ettinger almost a century back in 1934 in London and has been producing luxury leather goods since then. The current chairman and the third generation owner Robert Ettinger took over the company in 1995 and has been continuing the legacy of a company that has made its name for innovation and quality in markets as far away as Japan.

The company has some great people working for them. Like with any great company, this company also employs family members and have people working with them for decades. The quality of Ettinger products stems from the quality of leather that they use. In their own words:-

Ettinger commissions and selects the best tanned skins from a number of tanneries, all of whom are based in the E.U. Having developed special relationships with these tanneries over many years ensures we can maintain our leather supply standards and offer an extensive range of leathers, many of which are exclusive to Ettinger.

Made from specialty leather made by tanneries present only in the EU, Ettinger makes products including men’s wallets from raw products such as Fine Bridle Hide, Soft Dressed Calf, Skiver, Saint Crispin etc.

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