Luxury trousers by PT

Luxury trousers by PT

PT, which is short for Pantaloni Torino, is an Italian designer brand that designs and makes luxury trousers.

Photo of a couple in trousers on Premium fashion men's clothing store in London ON

Trousers are a piece of clothing that is at the core of both men’s and women’s clothing. While a pair of trousers is something that can greatly enhance anyone’s personality, they probably still get the least attention. People look for comfort in their trousers as the utmost attribute – while this requirement would not be entirely wrong, a pair of wrong fitted or styled trousers can bring their personalities down or alternatively elevate the personality as well.

PT say that they want to create designs for those

who have the desire to express their uniqueness by wearing elegant garments of great personality… helps define the distinctive individuality… from «elegant daily» to the «advanced contemporary»

PT claim they choose to keep the balance between their experimentation and elegance while targeting not to go overboard. The whole process of making and distributing garments in also in-house so that they can keep a strict tab on the quality. Their products are made exclusively from the finest Italian fabrics and attention to detail is their forte. Their attention to details could be shown in the way their products are labelled and packaged.

If you are also looking to try designer clothing and have not ventured into this exciting realm, your can start with a pair of luxury trousers by PT; anyway feel free to have a chat with us!