It is one of our specialties and we take great pride in saying that we could be one of the best outerwear specialists out there in whole of London, ON. We have been part of the London culture for quite some time now and can boast of a respectable clientele who give us repeat business for our high-quality fabric, perfect workmanship and untiring after sales support. Rest assured we employ the highest quality material used for the construction of your suits.

No matter what kind of quality you are looking for, your search stops with us. We carry a lot of cuts and fits for men’s Jackets, Blazers and Coats. Some examples are Pea Coats, Frock Coats, Waist Coats or Overcoats. We understand the subtle differences between each apparel and have requisite experience in making the cuts. You can be easily confident about the relevance of the cut while walking into a setting. Wearing a correct apparel gives a kind of confidence that makes the difference between making a good and a bad impression.

A few types of outwear that you could expect to find with us in rich range:-

Trench Coat

Bob Coat

Sports Jacket

Every piece of apparel have its own function and should follow the basic fundamentals to make a solid impression. A blazer is more of a casual garment which would make an impression in certain colours and match with particular types of garments, while a waistcoat is an entirely different game.

If you are looking for a garment that is not overly formal like a suit but still does not want to look out of place, consult with our men’s clothing consultant at Richard’s Clothing and we would be able to advise a perfect garment for you.