The ultimate guide to wearing men’s sneakers

The ultimate guide to wearing men’s sneakers

Sneakers are one of the most common, comfortable, and versatile footwear options for men. They are not just a great go-to for daily wear but look extremely chic and stylish. Sneakers come in a variety of forms and designs. Here is a guide to help you understand the various types of sneaker designs that will help you wear them with confidence.

Up until not very late, sneakers were thought of as sports shoes. Well, that equation has mostly changed now. Sneakers are not just restricted to being sportswear but they can be worn on a daily basis. They could easily be worn when going to colleges, or for a casual meet-up with friends. Sneakers have gone through years of style transformation. Courtesy of this, we have hundreds of varieties of sneakers in the market today.

Based on the popular men’s sneakers can be divided into three major categories.

Low top sneakers

Low-top sneakers, as the name suggests, do not cover the ankle at all. The classic Converse which you have been wearing since your school days is a classic example of low-top sneakers. You can go for no-show socks or ankle socks with such shoes. They look extremely classy when paired with skinny-fit jeans or even Chinos. You can choose to go for whichever color you want, though white is the most commonly preferred color. Plimsoles and slip-ons are some other low-top sneakers we see men wearing commonly. Slip-on are called so because they are lace-less shoes and are usually very comfortable. They are excellent for those who just can’t keep their laces tied. Plimsoles serve as the best leisure time shoes. You can always wear them for a casual day out. Low-top sneakers are generally preferred when the temperatures are higher.

High top men’s sneakers


High-top sneakers completely cover the ankles. These are suitable for the fall because they cover the feet well. High-top sneakers can be paired with anything from jeans, to chinos or even shorts. Basketball sneakers are the most popular example of high-top sneakers that most men prefer.

Mid cut sneakers


Mid-cut sneakers, lie between high tops and low-top sneakers. They cover the ankle partially, just enough to give them appropriate support. They make excellent tennis shoes or even running shoes.

Apart from these basic shoes, many high-end brands like Balenciaga, Gucci have released their own line of sneakers with prominent logos. These brands rope in prominent celebrities to influence and market their shoes.

Trivia – Some people love to collect sneakers and are referred to as sneakerheads.

Adidas and Nike have ruled over the sneaker market for a long because of the exceptional quality of shoes they make. A sneaker must not only look sporty and stylish but must often provide a cushion to keep the knee joints in the best shape. Investing in a few good-quality men’s sneakers is probably the best thing you can do.

We hope the guide here is enough to get you started on sneakers. Get in touch with us for more such styling tips and tricks.