CG – CLUB of GENTS is a German fashion brand that stands out with its rebellious yet elegant style, catering to the fashion-conscious man. The brand thrives on a sense of freedom, offering innovative designs and high-quality products that reflect a high standard of quality.

The brand’s collection includes a variety of suits, jackets, trousers, and accessories, all designed with a modern silhouette and attention to detail that captures the essence of the rebellious English style. CG – CLUB of GENTS is particularly known for its Savile Row by CG subline, which features high-quality Italian fabrics and modern design elements.

Whether it’s for a wedding, a party, or an elegant evening event, CG – CLUB of GENTS creates outfits where every detail, from the pocket square to the shoes and matching vest, is carefully considered. Stylish details exude a cool vibe, perfect for diving into unforgettable party nights.

In addition to suits, the brand reinterprets men’s shirts with unique features like removable collars, allowing for versatility in wear. Their trousers, jeans, and chinos are predominantly slim-fit, creating a sleek silhouette that enhances the individual style.

For those looking to express their style with a mix of tradition and modernity, CG – CLUB of GENTS offers a range of clothing that resonates with the dynamic energy of today’s fashion. Discover the latest collection from CG – CLUB of GENTS at our store on York Street, where you can experience the perfect blend of German innovation and timeless style.

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