Fynch Hatton

Fynch-Hatton is a brand that captures the adventurous spirit and sophistication of its namesake, Denys Finch Hatton, an aristocratic British explorer known for his love of the African wilderness. Launched in Germany in 1998 by Roger Brandts, Fynch-Hatton is dedicated to producing fine-quality menswear inspired by the life of this English adventurer.

The brand’s collection is a reflection of Finch Hatton’s independence, love of freedom, and thirst for adventure. It offers a range of clothing that includes casual shirts, polos, knitwear, and more, all designed with a commitment to comfort, quality, and style.

Fynch-Hatton’s logo, the African umbrella acacia, symbolizes the brand’s roots and its dedication to sustainability. This tree, known for thriving in the savannah even under the most arid conditions, represents the brand’s ability to grow, blossom, and create its ecosystem.

With a focus on detail and authenticity, Fynch-Hatton’s garments are perfect for the modern man who appreciates a wardrobe that is both timeless and contemporary. The brand’s use of exclusive fabrics and spot-on fits ensures that each piece is not just a garment but a statement of personal style.

For those who are inspired by the colors and wildness of Africa, Fynch-Hatton offers a collection that brings a piece of that adventure into everyday life. Discover the latest from Fynch-Hatton at our store on York Street, where you can experience the perfect blend of German precision and the adventurous spirit of Africa.

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