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Perfecting men’s fashion is a concept that is not just alien to a lot of people but also intimidating to many. People rely on the advice of friends or (a lot now) on the internet to satiate their need to understand what would work and what would see them see a mail from their manager at work.

Men’s fashion has changed a lot over the years. Something like a charcoal black coloured formal suit that was a required feature of one’s clothing in the past has given way to more relaxed wear. Although the work from home culture has a lot to do with this style shift, the shift in the attitude has contributed a lot too. Still, out and out casual wear has still not found a lot of acceptance in the mainstream, especially when you are a part of any client-facing unit.

Outerwear has the least priority

Outwear gives the least headache to anyone struggling with their clothing choices for one simple reason – you don’t wear it around indoors. So when you anyway don’t have to appear in it, you don’t fret a lot over it unless your boss calls you to wait outside and wants to walk to the coffee shop with you. Anyway, you would not be able to make a gaffe if you stick to anything dark and not overly long – typically two inches longer than the knees.

Suits don’t have any substitute, almost

While no piece of clothing can beat a dark grey suit in a regular fit, a cherry coloured suit will still be sneered at, as compared to a dark cardigan. The sweater-jackets that are a cross between a cardigan and a sweater would work as well. Try to look for something with a lapel and with arms that are not too long for your size such that a lot of fabric does not slide on to your cuffs.

The pants could be tricky to match

It could be quite embarrassing to find yourself at odds with others when it is about matching your pants with the outerwear. Try to match your pants with your shirts if you are in doubt. It would help if your jacket would be dark. Ensure that the pants are not too tight on your legs. The lower leg must not cling. Also, relaxed fit than tighter fit would always be a better choice for the thighs. Nailing the correct fit and style of the pants is as much the part of men’s fashion.

Accessories – to give them a miss or not

While a wrist-watch with a leather strap is generally the safest accessory, cuff-links are something that might not be too risky. Make sure that the stones on the cufflinks are not too shiny. Same is the rule for the lapel pins. Male jewellery could be done away with, if possible, except for an essential ring.

Men’s fashion is all about comfortable clothing and marrying it with the current trends. In case you are not really tuned in to “trends”, stick to the basics – of colour and fit and you’d more often than not won’t make a mistake. In case you would like to have someone you can depend on your fashion needs without spending a fortune, write to us and we would be more than happy to help.

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