Dressing up for the festive season

smiling young man in an elegant velvet suit with bow tie is dressing up for the festive season - men's clothing

Dressing up for the festive season is not easy. Not because the prices are sky high, more so because it is a sticky wicket. The Christmas/year-end office parties are casual in nature but the attendees are much more formal acquaintances. These are those guys who see you on a daily basis. These people have a consistent image of yours in their mind. And you would be wary of breaking any positive image that they have. You would even avoid giving any “cultural” shocks. Some of you might even want to break ice with those colleagues who you may be eyeballing for some time now or want to impress someone high on the seniority ladder. No matter what your reasons are, it would seem like a golden chance as any mishap could be blamed on the “spirit of the occasion”.

Dressing up the Formal way

Of course when we say formal, we don’t really mean formal. We just mean that your attire would have elements that are derived from the formal. It would have a jacket for sure but the fabric of the jacket would be much more flashy than what you are used to. The fabric could be velvet or ribbed cotton. Any colour that is outlandish would be more welcome – oranges, rust, parrot greens. And probably embossed – with extravagant patterns. If you think you would not have a heart for something embossed, you could still go with the first two options – crazy colour with a hyper fabric.

The jacket could be paired with equally brightly coloured pair of jeans. The colour should ideally be in contrast to the colour of the jacket. Consider matching the trousers/jeans with the shirt – either in terms of colour or theme. Say, maybe if you decide to go with a dark green pair of trousers, you could wear a shirt that has some dark green motifs on a black background.

A little accessory can do what a large jacket can not

Dressing up for the festive season does not mean splurging on just those items that take up the maximum real estate. Dressing up include the accessories too. And surprisingly enough, accessories provide the maximum bang for the buck as these might be used on regular days (you won’t even think about that beastly blazer) too.

A larger ring is one example. While you can decide to wear all your 4 rings to the party, you could still wear one on a regular Friday. A pair of shades with golden trims would be a great wear to a party and can’t be banned on a sunny day drive to office. You can very well go around with the same pocket square on your grey suit on a Wednesday that you tied around your neck with a knot in the front in the party. Accessories are always a great choice, not just for rocking your party attire but also for adding that little zest to your everyday affairs.

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