Trousers fabrics that can make stand apart

Trousers can simply be one of the most underrated piece of clothing that you wear day in and day out. No matter how much you spend on your watch, loafers or even your that special custom made jacket, everything gets dragged down if the quality of your trousers do not complement the fancy stuff. Some might notice if you forget to wear that popular watch of yours but everyone would notice (and react) if you forget your ‘whichever’ pair of trousers.

For some reason we understand the importance of our pairs but for the same unknown reason, they are not given a higher priority. Thus, it is really important that you pay considerable attention to that piece of clothing which seldom gets it due. If done properly, they can not only just give that extra sheen to that piece that you are proud of but also can take it to another level.

We all know and feel safe about our formal trousers and classic dark jeans but there is so much more to the trousers beyond that. We are listing a few of those which would make trousers a great fun.


They might not be as versatile as Jeans but make no mistake they are no less. Some of the the fabrics such as Twill can even give your denim a run for their money. And the best part is that these are available in great number of shades. They can be a great choice if you are thinking of taking a walk to the promenade or of going to the park for ice cream with the kids.


These days Linen is available in a lot of blend options that make it not such a bad option like it was earlier times or like its much purer format. The current blends do not result in a gazillion creases the moment you sit on a bench. Some of the current blends retain that breath ability of pure Linen while providing you the flexibility and the practicality required for the current clothing.


These are a tricky little piece of clothing but if they are done right, chances are you might even love them more than your jeans. Corduroys is a cloth that is made from a combination of wool and tough cotton. Woolen Corduroys are the best and wear really well in winters. Not just as tough as Jeans, but Corduroy trousers are also as flexible. They look equally great with Polos as they do with sweatshirts.

But not just the novel fabrics, the trousers get their USP from great range of cuts and fits. But even if you go with the most traditional fits, chances are that one of the above choices of trouser fabrics will get you many extra pairs of eyeballs. For any questions, drop us a message and we’d be more than happy to answer your query.

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