Men’s Jackets – Blazers, Sports or Suits

Good looking clothes can provide a boost in the confidence unlike anything else. And more often than not the outerwear or the upperwear hogs a lot more attention than any other part of a man’s clothing. And when it is about upperwear, it is incumbent on Men’s Jackets to make great first impressions. There are still that kind of restaurants in the world which won’t allow you in without formal clothing but would make an exception if you agree to just have a jacket on. Thus it is of utmost importance that the jacket is chosen with care.

Choosing a jacket means wearing a venue-appropriate one. Which means it would help if you understand the difference and know how to visually differentiate between a blazer, a jacket and a suit jacket.

So, what is a blazer?

Merriam Webster defines a blazer as

a sports jacket often with notched collar and patch pockets

Also, a blazer is generally not as formal in its cut like a men’s suit jacket but still made in solid colours with large shiny metal button often with naval insignia. Blazers are regularly worn by members of formal clubs or sports teams or a group signifying their association with a particular organization. Where can you wear a Blazer to? A blazer could be worn to anywhere not overly casual or formal. You can depend on them if you are not too sure. If you do not particularly feel great about the metal buttons, you can look for regular buttons. These could be paired will dark pair of jeans or pleated chinos and leather loafers.

What is a sports jacket?

A sports jacket is something that you would wear for fun or to a lounge. Sports jackets are generally loose fitted. They could be constructed in varied (read multiple) or distracting colours (read pastels) and could be made from almost any fabric you like. It could be cotton, linen, wool or tweed. It could have any pattern printed on it – from small or large checks to little mermaids or turtles. Jackets are fashioned for warmer climes as well. You can pair them well with chinos and, or sneakers.

And what is a suit jacket then?

Suit jacket, as the name suggests, is essentially the part of a formal suit. It is styled in a formal and a tighter fit. Generally comes in dark colours and is made with clothing that would feel odd when paired with say sports shoes or Khaki pants.

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