Shoes are suits for the feet

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It goes without saying that shoes are an integral part of the overall men’s clothing. A person, let alone a man, is judged by their shoes. The problem with the modern scenario that nothing works in a silo. You can’t go around a squeaky pair if you have something ridiculous on your shoulders. Though the opposite is true more often than not – No matter what you wear, if your shoes are in bad shape, they will bring your wrong persona down. So, if you go out in your best suit next time and see an odd smile on someone’s face, don’t pay attention to them, pay your attention to your shoes instead.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with as much variety as you have to with suits, when it comes to the shoes. You can decide to stick with a couple of pairs for your work wear and you would be able to manage alright for a long time. The biggest trick with the shoes has to be their colour. If you can manage to figure out the colour – other than Black, of course, which is a no-brainier – you can manage shoes pretty well.

The best colour that you can think of outside your blacks is Tan. Although there are a lot of hues available out there but the classic tan is the real deal. Tan is maybe the only colour that can beat Black – albeit only in some particular styles, like Wingtips. In some cases, other than the formal stuff, tan could be an equally good choice if you are looking for something to wear to a party with friends in a cafe.

Formal shoes

Nothing can ever beat a black pair in the formal settings. No matter the dressing guidelines by your HR, you would be safe with a black pair of shoes. They go well with the dark/charcoal greys and navy blues as much as they do in a shirt and trousers setting. However, a black pair could be a little trickier if you are in a habit of wearing dark pair of jeans to your office. Though most of the black pairs would be able to carry the jeans on their shoulders, try and avoid your black pair with the paler shades of jeans or (almost any) chinos as well.

Less formal shoes

Shoes are such a versatile part of your apparel that they can’t really be slotted out of the formal category. Yes, the multicoloured drums that some people wear on their feet are indeed called shoes by them but then they are out of the scope of what we call shoe-talk.

If you are someone who wears a pair of comfortable or baggy chinos to their office, you can consider a pair of tan coloured shoes. You can even experiment wearing tan loafers or tan brogues with your chinos and be much less scared.


If you have been intrigued by a pair of whites that some otherwise funny gentlemen have been able to successfully worn to office then you can try them out with your light pair of blue jeans. They aren’t a risky wear with shorts if those are dark stock colour.

All in all, the choice of a pair of shoes lies a lot with your outerwear and your trousers. If we have missed talking about a considerable percentage of what is found in your wardrobe, drop us a message and we’d be more than happy to talk.

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