Stylish wardrobe for the modern man

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There could be nothing confusing or more intimidating that the time when you have to rejig your wardrobe. It is quite surprising to pull open a wardrobe with an overhaul in your mind and finding a lot of stuff that you have not used recently but hope to in the near future. Take our word, that is not going to happen!

You have to keep your wardrobe relevant in order to not land a situation when you have to go out and couldn’t find something right even where there isn’t an inch of free space inside that box. Although this doesn’t sound strange, to realize it happens with such disturbing frequency could definitely be strange.

With some careful planning, you could cook up a list that would not be bank-breaking, yet would make your wardrobe peppy, fresh and relevant. Something that would offer you a lot of options for the season. We would list a few that would help you along the way…

Number 1 – An unstructured blazer

An unstructured is something that is less formal, equally stylish but a great fit. It makes you feel confident about wherever you go and whoever you meet. It is at the same time not that expensive.

Number 2 – Lightweight Jeans

Jeans by virtue of their fabric sound uncomfortable. But that is not true. Look for a pair of jeans that is lightweight and made of paper-thin denim. That way you could wear them even if they are skinny-fit and feel relaxed.

Number 3 – Open Collar Polos

There is nothing more damn stylish than an unbuttoned shirt. But not everyone is confident about wearing one. For them, there are open-collared polo shirts. These shirts do not have buttons thus does not feel uncomfortable for the wearer.

Number 4 – Invisible Socks

This is one of the most underrated accessories in a man’s wardrobe. They make loafers so much more comfortable – not just for the one wearing them but also for all those who sit around his table in the restaurant.

Number 5 – White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers could easily be one of the most confusion-destroying apparel pieces. They are as easy to pair with jeans as well as chinos or even shorts. While they could be hard to keep clean, they can push your style quotient quite a few notches higher.

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