Style statements with Whites

No one can argue with the fact that everyone likes a pair of pajamas, with or without a tee, more than anything else. But there are 2nd best choices too which are not bad – one of those 2nd best choices is casual clothing. Although not a lot of offices are really cool about pajamas, but more and more of them are getting tolerant with the casual clothing, especially in the summers. That is because summer can bring a kind of liveliness to the closet that nothing else can. The colours that were nowhere to be seen in those snow-covered days are welcomed back and you somehow feel like wearing all sorts of oranges and greens.

One of these colours is White. Although everyone goes crazy about crisp white shirts and tees, not many are comfortable about the White lowers. The feeling is natural as although White trousers might look like a likeable, even good, idea if you are vacationing in Naples or Santorini but not so much back home – maybe because of the hangover post the long lonely grey winters. There is a reason why we don’t get to see a lot of guys strutting their stuff in whites in our good ‘ol Toronto. The reason is people are really not confident about wearing Whites.

Realize the problem with Whites

There is one and only one problem with a pair of white trousers. And that is strangely not about fits and styles. It is to do with your workplace. If you are someone who has to go to the production floor you would want to reconsider Whites. The reason Whites are so special could also be an issue. The reason is cleanliness. White look fab because it brings a sense of crispness and freshness. If this sense is gone, then the White looks flawed.

Whites are white, period.

Now that the biggest issue is sorted out, let us look at some White pairs that you would want to find in your wardrobe.

White is smarter than any other colour

Whites are crisp and so should be the fit. When in doubt go for a fit that is tighter on your legs/body.

If you prefer to wear mid-rise, look for a fit that is slightly loose on your thighs and hips, tapers a little and finishes on your ankles. Wear a pair of white sneakers and grey Chambray shirt.

There are options available in the stretchy fabric as well which make even the slim fits quite likeable. Although you could still go for the loose options, but the cloth makes even the tighter fits quite tolerable.

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