Ties are inseparable with men’s clothing

Neckties are no doubt a lovely piece of men’s clothing. Anyone who cares about their wardrobe would be left behind if they’re without a drawer that is solely dedicated to ties. Ties do what a printed and patterned shirt does to someone attire. A tie can come in almost any kind of color and print imaginable and makes the most boring and dull dress interesting.

The journey of neckties as a part of men’s clothing

Neckties have come a long way and have evolved as much as other pieces of men’s apparel. Although some people question the utility of a necktie in its current avatar, it could not have retained its place in the wardrobe without having deserving ancestors. Be it in the form of heavy scarves worn around the neck or the cravat that is first known to have been introduced in 17th century by fighters, neckties have been a popular part of the dress ever since.

The current form of neckties

In the current format, the neckties have a standard width size of between 3.25 and 3.5 inches. While there is a thinner version available as well that are of the width of 2.5 inches at the maximum, most of those available are in the upwards of 3.25 inches. While there is a standard in the width, the patterns, prints, colors and even fabric vary a lot these days. Even though ties have mostly been made of silk in the last three decades, the fabric has been experimented with, in recent years. From linen to wool to mixed fabrics, ties are made in a lot of fabrics these days. The range of the fabric of ties has widened as much of the overall men’s clothing.

More than the fabric, the colors, patterns and prints give the ties their worth. The range of these attributes is mind-boggling. Some of the biggest designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Armani and Cavalli create exclusive ties while there are other designer brands such as Duchamp, Brioni, Lee Allison, and Sette that are known for making ties exclusively.

Other than the colors and patterns, the most important part of any necktie is the way it is tied. The three most popular formats are known as:-

Four in Hand Knot

– this is the easiest knots to tie but gives a little uneven, smaller knot thus making it a little unformal tie.

Half Windsor

– this is a little trickier than the Four in Hand knot but more formal, medium in size and even in shape.


– this knot was invented by the Duke of Windsor in the 1930s and done with ties of shorter length. This knot is large in size and the shape of the knot is even.

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