The Evolution of Tuxedos: Modern Elegance

Tuxedos have long been synonymous with high-end formalwear, evoking images of James Bond in a dinner jacket and bowtie at a glamorous gala. However, modern tuxedos have evolved beyond this classic look, offering varied lapel styles, fabrics, and a wider range of colors. Whether you’re planning a wedding or attending a formal event, understanding the nuances of tuxedos and knowing when to wear one is crucial. At Richards Clothing in London, ON, you’ll find an impressive selection of modern tuxedos to suit any occasion.

The Modern Tuxedo: Styles and Features

1. Varied Lapel Styles: Traditional tuxedos often feature a shawl or peak lapel. Modern styles, however, include notch lapels and other contemporary variations that add a unique touch to the classic tuxedo.

2. Diverse Fabrics: While classic tuxedos are typically made from wool, modern designs incorporate a variety of fabrics such as velvet, silk, and even eco-friendly materials. These fabrics not only enhance the appearance but also offer comfort and versatility.

3. Expanded Color Palette: Gone are the days when tuxedos were limited to black and white. Today’s tuxedos come in an array of colors, including navy, burgundy, and even patterned options. This variety allows for greater personalization and style expression.

Tuxedos vs. Suits: When to Wear Each

Understanding the difference between a tuxedo and a suit is essential for making the right choice for your event:

1. Tuxedos: Typically reserved for formal events, tuxedos are distinguished by their satin details – satin lapels, buttons, and a satin stripe down the side of the trousers. They are often paired with a formal shirt, bowtie, and patent leather shoes. Ideal for black-tie weddings, galas, and upscale evening events, a tuxedo from Richards Clothing ensures you make a sophisticated statement.

2. Suits: Suits are more versatile and can be worn for both formal and semi-formal occasions. Unlike tuxedos, suits do not feature satin details and can be worn with a broader range of shirts and ties. Whether it’s a business meeting, a daytime wedding, or a cocktail party, a well-fitted suit from Richards Clothing will have you looking sharp and stylish.

Choosing the Right Tuxedo for Your Event

When selecting a tuxedo, consider the following factors to ensure you look your best:

1. Event Dress Code: Check the event’s dress code to determine whether a tuxedo is required. Black-tie events typically call for a tuxedo, while a dark suit might suffice for less formal occasions.

2. Personal Style: Choose a tuxedo that reflects your personal style. Richards Clothing offers a variety of modern and classic options, ensuring you find a tuxedo that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

3. Fit and Tailoring: A well-fitted tuxedo is essential for a polished look. Richards Clothing provides expert tailoring services to ensure your tuxedo fits perfectly, enhancing your overall appearance.

4. Accessories: Complete your tuxedo with the right accessories, such as cufflinks, a pocket square, and the appropriate footwear. These details can elevate your look and add a touch of elegance.


Tuxedos have evolved significantly, offering modern styles that go beyond the traditional black and white. Whether you’re attending a high-end formal event or your own wedding, understanding the differences between a tuxedo and a suit is crucial. At Richards Clothing in London, ON, you’ll find a diverse selection of tuxedos that cater to contemporary tastes and classic elegance. Visit Richards Clothing to discover the perfect tuxedo for your next formal event, ensuring you make a stylish and sophisticated impression.

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