Trousers are the comfort clothing

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Trousers are probably one of the most underrated and underrepresented pieces of clothing for any man. Bad fitting trousers can make you feel uncomfortable like anything else, yet a pair of odd-looking trousers won’t put you on such a wrong foot. The reason is that trousers have always been comfort-clothing rather than a style statement.

Like someone said

To feel at ease, I wear trousers and a cashmere sweater.

And this is reflected in a lot of men’s attire. Men seem to prefer to pay more attention to the colours, prints, fits and styles of their jackets and shirts than they do on their trousers. In other words, men spend probably more time on choosing a collar while buying a shirt than they probably do on three trousers.

While this might not sound or feel natural, spending some time to understand what kind of trousers look good might change the whole aura of a person. One thing to note here is the comfort. While comfort might take a hit, it must never take a back seat. The idea is to find that lost style and choosing a fit that does not let you lose your comfort would be a successful pursuit.

The three fundamental details that define every trousers are their length, the girth of their legs and their waist. Trousers should not look like pyjamas with strings on the waist. The waistband of the trouser should not be such as it forms a pleat anywhere around the waist. Again the trousers should not look like pyjamas – trousers should look comfortable – neither oversized nor undersized. Lengthwise – they should not gather around the ankles or wherever they meet the footwear.

Fabric is an important consideration in the case of trousers too. While a lot of fabric decisions are and should be governed by the weather, some little tweaks can contribute a lot to the sense of style. Although a pair of chinos might be uncomfortable in extreme weather, choosing dark shades such as charcoal grey or rust, would help you achieve that edge without toppling you over.

Accessories play an important part in completing the whole look and feel of a trouser. No matter if it is a pair of suspenders or a belt, it is important that these match the shoes and the trousers as a whole.

No matter what you choose, make sure you are comfortable and feel confident. Drop by our store if you still have questions and we’ll be glad to do our best.

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