Are three-piece men’s suits special?

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While suits have always been synonymous with being classy, formal, powerful and at the same time stylish, the choice could be overwhelming. It is quite natural to be in doubt when it is about three-piece suits. It is not common to see three-piece men’s suits these days. We see more and more people ditching the waistcoat for outerwear even if somehow the former would make more sense. So, is it more about being confident wearing a waistcoat or doubting its fashion quotient in the current times?

What is a three-piece men’s suit?

A three-piece suit is as the name suggests – a jacket paired with a trouser and a waistcoat. The waistcoat is the part that sets a men’s suit apart from a “three-piece suit”. Although you might see someone walking into the office without the jacket, that look is more on the lines of a party on an Italian theme than anything else.

Are there any rules for wearing a three-piece suit?

The same rules as in the case of a normal suit apply. Other than that the waistcoat should be well fitted. The fit should not be overdone and should not encroach upon practicality. The length of the waistcoat should be such that it should cover the shirt and not go beyond the belt. The last button of the waistcoat should be left unbuttoned and a belt should not be worn. Colour-wise, the waistcoat should ideally match the suit although a little variation of shade should be acceptable too. If the waistcoat is the same fabric as the jacket, it would be perfect.

Where can a three-piece suit be worn to?

Although a lot depends on the look and feel of the fabric. A three-piece suit is perfect for a wedding as much as it is for office.

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