Charming Casual: a New Era in fashion

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Gone are the days when the chinos were sneered at and the sneakers were a total no-no in the corporate world. In this immensely dynamic world, designers are continuously embracing pieces of garments that were exceedingly considered as casual and strictly non-formal.

People see flair in pairing of golf blazers with oxfords, jeans with woolen jackets or carrying bright canvas backpacks with their suits. And these trends are finding acceptance among mainstream too. Whether you are going to office on a Thursday or meeting your office colleagues for lunch, people are considering it less odd to see someone walking in with a rather bright cardigan on.

If your office allows business-casual wear then you have a great opportunity to try out the new fashion. The important thing is to find a balance with the casual and strictly formal. Few fun examples would be:-

  1. You can pair your tailored pants with polo shirts. Just make sure that the shirt is of muted colours and match with the pants that you choose.
  2. You can pair one of your dark coloured regular fit denims with either a dark blue or dark grey jacket. Make sure you wear a pair of well-polished formal leather shoes.
  3. You can try out your suede leather casual shoes if they are dark tan or black with your business suit in certain scenarios as well. Just make sure they are brushed spotless.

These are just a few examples. You can talk to us for new ideas on how you could incorporate European fashion in your wardrobe.

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