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Looking for a perfect men’s suit?

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Men’s suit is something that lends a sense of respect to the wearer

If you are not able to understand the seriousness that a suit brings to someone’s personality, you have to go back and understand the reason behind it. A suit is not just meant for workspaces, it brings that sense of ingenuity and strength to a man that possibly no other piece of men’s clothing can bring. Even a physical imperfection is hidden by a nice suit. A good quality suit will not just hide the other flaws of the overall clothing but also, to an extent, hide the modern flaws of the human body shape. A high-quality suit brings the same sense of confidence to someone’s personality similar to a good workout. If matched correctly with one’s physical frame, the complementary result can do wonders to anyone’s look.

A men’s suit can be a ‘Yes’ for every place and setting

With such a large number of style options available, suit can be taken to almost every setting. From the lounge to the bar, to the picnic and even to a disco, there is a cut available for each of these settings. Suits are not only defined by cut these days, but also vary in terms of fabric, color, texture, print et cetera. Wool is not the only fabric that dominates suits, but the influx of other fabrics including viscose, teriwool, linen among others means they could be worn even in the harsher sun. Acceptability of pastel colours means that a white suit could be worn outside of the racing club as well. Suits are also available in a wide variety of prints including traditional checks and dots, and modern miniature shapes and patterns.

A cut can play a major difference even when not crushing the ribs

A pastel coloured suit or a patterned printed suit on a TV commercial tends to make us believe that these are made for sculpted bodies or more frivolous settings. This is not the case. A pastel suit can be made in a relaxed fit or a fit that complements the shape of the body. It is important though that the suit is tailored to fit in case the standard size is way off the mark. Seeing every actor in a tightest fitting suit does not mean similar colour or texture can’t be asked for in a shape that is more reasonable for one’s body. A regular fit can be the preferred choice irrespective of the fabric, colour, texture or print. Advice could be sought inside the store if you are unsure about the availability of a fit.

Richard’s Clothing is based out of London, Ontario and carries a wide variety of fabric, colour, texture and print that would appeal to any wardrobe. The selection is carefully hand-picked from different designer labels that can ensure the quality and are fashion-colour at the same time. The style-forward brands that are available with us include Sand, Patrick Assaraf, and Bertoni.

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