Importance of choosing right color for men’s clothing?

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If you walk into a store these days, you would see more colors on shirts than you have probably seen in a crayon set as a kid. It is not just confusing but also overwhelming to decide a color. And sometimes it is possible that you pick up dress shirts that just sit idle in your wardrobe. Shirts are an important part of overall men’s clothing and must be chosen wisely.

It is possible that you wear a shirt only to regret wearing it when you step out. To have a correct understanding about which colors make or break your clothing sense is very important.

Men’s clothing is defined a lot by the prints

The shirts are generally and mostly available in the following prints:-

  • Solids
  • Stripes
  • Checks
  • Patterns

Solids are single colors and the safest bet for any occasion. The businesses prefer them the most and they are the least confusing too. A bright off-white shirt could save you embarrassment most of the times. White goes well with the trousers of almost any color – blue, grey, purple or even a pair of jeans. Other than the white, light hues of blue are most of the times safe for a business or formal setting. Pastels are in vogue these days though you’d want to experiment with them if you are in an e-something company.

Stripes could also be considered safe for a business place settings if the basic underlying color is in the safe category. Try to choose thin stripes and favor pinstripes over the broad ones.

Checks, depending on the color, could sometimes be a brilliant choice. Small checks printed on a rather darker hue of a light blue shade could prove to be a style statement. Try to choose those checks which have single line grids in soft greys. Avoid checks that have multiple colors either as fill or their grid colors.

Patterned shirts are generally a no-no in business settings as far as men’s clothing go. Although some of these have made quite a splash recently and some of these could be almost revolutionary. Patterns are generally done on whites or lighter shades. No matter how much you like one, try to avoid one unless either you are targeting a party or if the pattern is just a tiny dot no bigger than a pinhead.

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