We go out to Europe every season to get the new pulse of the latest fashion and try to understand what makes a particular fashion tick. Men’s clothing is not just Jackets and Pants but also shoes, ties, cufflinks and much more. We look at the fashion from a holistic view. We believe that everyone should appropriate as per the occasion, even if it means dressing up for sports sessions. We look out for the most appropriate accessories while learning about new trends and fabrics in the men’s clothing market.

Our accessories department cover a lot of bases. We do not relent in our efforts to be up to date even if it is about the accessories. Be it belts, bags, hats, socks, cufflinks, glasses or shoes, you would find recommendations and advise about every type of accessory that can possibly go with your dress.

We carry the following accessories as part of our men’s clothing collections:-



Sun glasses

Tie Clip

Cuff Links

Pocket Square

Lapel Pins


We at Richard’s Clothing want you to look great, receive compliments and return to us for your next dress. We constantly make sure that your shopping and tailoring experience is world class. Please feel free to let us know in case you are looking for something different and specific and we would do our best to source it for you.

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