Nothing feels better than putting on a well-fitting and tailored dress shirt. At Richard’s Clothing, we know just how important the dress shirt is for tying a whole look, together. We carry a large selection of cotton blend shirts that will have you looking fresh all day – from that first-morning meeting to a post-work get-together.

Our dress shirts are available in various patterns

It is important that you know of the well-known patterns that the shirts come in and have a few of each type of them:-

Other important attributes of good quality dress shirts


A dress shirt can bring new life and personality to a suit. Switch to your dress shirt and bring some colour into your life. At Richard’s Clothing, you can find a selection of dress shirts in almost any colour imaginable. From your closet staples like white, pale blue and charcoal, to more extravagant and bold colours that make you stand out at your next important function or event.


No two men are created equal, and neither should their shirts be. We carry a wide range of dress shirts in a variety of cuts to fit every body type. From modern, European fits to the more traditional cuts – we have a selection of men’s shirts to perfectly fit you.

Quality Materials

Our dress shirts are made from high-quality, breathable materials that are made to last. They feature durable stitching as well as tailored details that you can expect from high-quality pieces.

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