Suits are an important part of culture

man in a black coat and grey suit on a gray background studio
the man is moving towards us, the coat is flapping from movement

Suits are an important part of not just our wardrobes but also our culture. It not just what the earlier generation used to wear, it is the importance that we subconsciously attribute to a formal set of clothing. Suits are not just about High Tea, Weddings or Board meetings. They are also about what we think of ourselves. In a way suits are the way of judging ourselves.

The only problem with suits it that they are expensive both in terms of money and time. Even more if we consider the cost as the function of number of times we wear one. Interestingly this cost goes up with the cost of the suit itself. The more expensive a suit is, more is the cost of getting it cleaned and rarer are the occasions when you’d want to wear them.

Also, even when suits come with a lot of considerations, they can still be easier to decode. Charcoal Grey and Navy Blue are the safest and most versatile colours. They can be worn virtually to every place. If you are willing to go that extra step so that you don’t have to really jump far out of your comfort zone and be within the rational boundaries of wear ability, try these few tips.

Consider colours

This could sound like a big deal but you could still be conservative. Think about the same shade but a different hue. Go a notch lighter with the safest colours – navy blue and charcoal grey. The more lighter/sporty the occasion, lighter could be the hue. If it is something like a wedding in the Bahamas, it could even be a sky blue.

Be a smart buyer

Buying a waistcoat can be fun in addition to being serious. You could wear a suit minus the waistcoat in office settings while all the three pieces to a wedding. Although double breasted suits are not really seen in offices these days, they are still an option that you can try in office without turning many heads.

Consider adventurous accessories

Although not to say that you add to cart any baby pink ties right away, accessories can be liberating in a way. Even if the suit is dark and uptight, little accouterments such as a pair of cuff links (with the sharp coloured stone), a pocket square (that shows a very little pinks of itself), a flower (that could be large and bright) or the biggest of them – a neck tie can turn your suit in something fun without giving you nightmares.

If you still feel, that you are still not up to the game yourself, you think that that should be more to life than black, give us a call and we would be delighted to advice and guide you.

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