A quality men’s suit means exceptional fabrics, tailored details and an apparel that is fitted to be comfortable while also looking great. That’s what you can expect when you buy a suit at Richard’s Clothing. We’re proud to offer the best selection of high-quality men’s suit in a number of specialty cuts to fit each and every body type and style preference.

Men’s Suits made from woolen fabrics

ono Uomo, our own label, offers classic suits with contemporary detailing. A striking and modern suit made from high quality fabrics. With high quality fabric for complete comfort, this suit creates a look above the ordinary. We use one of the best wool based fabrics in this collection, which also have Elastane for increased flexibility and comfort.

88% Wool Fabric 8% Poly 4% Lycra

Wool fabrics provides comfort and perfect drape even under the hottest conditions. They have the unique ability to keep warmer in cold temperatures and cool and fresh in warmer climates thanks to some of the fiber’s natural benefits – such as breath-ability and insulating capacity.

Carefully made by our experienced staff. Our sewers are well trained. They use a combination of machine and handwork. Many processes are finished by machine, while the details are completed by hand. If you want more details about our factory please get in touch with us.

Men’s suits made from Poly Viscon fabrics

3-piece men’s suits collection

Three piece men’s suits that give a modern look. With high quality fabric for complete comfort, these men’s suits create a look above the ordinary with its waistcoat.

Superior Fabric made in TR

65% Polyester 35% Viscose

Non-wool fabrics offer a lower-cost alternative to wool fabrics which are known as luxury fabrics. However, non-wool fabrics do not have to be cheap in terms of quality and looks. This fabric is one of the best non-wool suiting fabrics available. Men’s suits made from this fabric look and feel like pure wool due to a special weaving technique.


Men’s suits are available in the following popular fits among others:-

European Slim Fit

European Slim Fit is the most fitted style of men’s suits available. It’s a modern take on the traditional garment and provides a more tailored look, particularly for slender body types.

Modern Fit

A Modern Fit is a great cut for most men, both young and old. A modern fitting suit provides the tailoring and sophistication, so you’ll look great and feel comfortable too.

Comfort Fit

For those who prefer a little more comfort and admire that traditional cut suit, we offer the Comfort fit. Perfectly fitted so that the wearer can rest assured they’ll be comfortable while looking professional.

A man’s suit is built with different components that work together to present a perfect apparel:-

The Jacket

At Richard’s Clothing Ltd, we believe that the jacket is one of the most important elements of men’s suits. We also know how important it is for a jacket to stand up to the elements of regular wear, which is why our jackets are created with a high-quality blended fabric combination that resists wrinkles while maintaining a clean and polished look. Perfect fit, exceptional quality material, and hand tailored details mean you can expect to walk out with a jacket that fits great and looks even better.

Fully Lined Jacket
3 Front Pockets
2 Inside Pockets
Flap front pockets that can be converted to plain, Besom pockets.

The Pant

Our suit dress pants feature a sleek, flat-front pleat-less design. Created from high-quality blended fabric, these suit pants can withstand wrinkles and maintain a polished and clean look. The perfect pairing of an exceptionally designed jacket, we are proud to offer suit pants that are both comfortable and fashion forward.

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