The Guide to Soft Blazers

Even when the distancing from formal suits is quite evident, the suits do not lose their relevance in the quite fashionably different professional 21st century. The global warming notwithstanding, the suits and the blazers have seen a lot of their market share being eroded away. Whatever said and done, the suits hold a position (even if that means virtually no space) in a man’s wardrobe that no other piece of clothing does. Naturally, this piece of truth would lead to innovations – not just aesthetically but also technically. Thus, it is obvious that we understand these innovations and adapt & embrace.

Blazers have always been a great companion of those who may have not had to face customers across the tables or presented to the board members. These are essentially tailored jackets. The fabrics used in the construction of blazers lead them their unique personality. Often made with fabrics that complement other work-wear fabrics such as the denim or the khakis, blazers are/were generally made of flannel or wool. Even with lesser credentials, blazers have made a mark for themselves – more so in the 21st century – as they provide the flexibility like nothing else does. With right fabric & fit combination they could be even worn to a launch. Less adventurously they could easily be slipped into on any regular working day. To facilitate this trend, the formal blazers have seen a significant fashionable change in the form of The Unstructured Blazer also sometimes known as Soft Blazer.

The two biggest differences that are seen in the Unstructured Blazer are:-

1. Lack of shoulder padding – The soft blazer lacks the padding and move along the slope of the shoulder which is quite a stark difference from the suit jacket which gets it air of formality with the stiff squarish angles.

2. Lack of lining – The unstructured blazers have something like no lining or more often just the half lining which make them lightweight and breathable, thus, more wearable in the warmer climate. These kind of garment also mean that they could be worn on flights or any other form of travel much more comfortably.

Soft Blazers are quite versatile when it comes to pairing them with the other forms of your clothing.

They could easily be paired with:-

Shirts – Polos or Button downs

Trousers – Tailored Chinos or Flat-front trousers

Shoes – (Clean) Sneakers or Oxfords

One of the best advantages of the soft blazer is that it saves you the need of a neck tie or cuff links.

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