Top 3 must-have types of coats for men

Winters could be harsh, cold, gloomy and grey. Snow is a lot of hard work and you don’t really feel like paying attention on a lot of thing other than serious work. This means no fun trips as well. Except for the festivities, winters are that part of the year that you would not really look forward to. But it does not have to be that way. And some good wardrobe choices can come to your rescue. Wearing something good looking can cheer you up in that light subtle way that nothing else can, except for maybe chocolate. Coats for men are like those oversized beasts that single-handedly make a movie become blockbuster.

The Overcoats

Nothing is more classical than an overcoat. It is not just a practical piece of clothing but completely changes the fashion definition for anyone. Checks – large and tiny have been a staple of the overcoats and have been worn by celebrities and royalties alike. A lot of fashion brands make coats and although while you don’t really need to be experimental, you can still get a lot of options.

Generally speaking, the majority of these are available in the darker shades of grey and black. You can opt for both double-breasted or single-breasted styles. These days overcoats are also available in slim fits. Although these fits could be interesting, it is still recommended to go for looser fits.

The Pea coats

Pea coats could simply be the most fashionable piece of clothing that you have ever worn. These look good on almost every body type and are quite versatile when it comes to pairing them with different dressing choices. And the best part is that you can not go wrong with it no matter the colour.

Available in different lapel choices, a navy blue pea coat can be simply be the best clothing choice you can make.

The Trench Coat

The Trench coats are more practical than stylish. They are meant to be waterproof and are designed in a way that they hug you tight. More often than not, they are perfect for the windy conditions. They probably are also one of the oldest form of coats for men. This has also turned out to be in its favour. With time, fashion designers have experimented with trench coats and tuned them in nothing short of a design icon. The essential belt on the trench coats lend them a sense of uniqueness.

Although trench coats are a lot popular in the different shades of the colour of Khaki, the dark shades of blues and greys would be better received in the formal settings.

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